DIY Garage Shelves

Garage shelves do not have to come from a supplier who comes out and installs them for you. That might be way out of your price range. Besides, all you want are shelves in your garage. You can do them yourself with relative ease. Choose any one of these methods of installation for a more organized garage you can do yourself.

DIY Bookcase Shelves

To cut down on the actual construction of shelving, you can purchase bookcases on the cheap and install them by nailing into the wall studs. This may seem like the lazy way out, but understand that installing a pre-built structure is incredibly easy. Moreover, you can select the bookcases you choose based on their size, color, and shape.

DIY Shelves Without Finishing

When you have an unfinished garage that has bare studs, you may not want to get into a dry-walling contest with the house. This means you want to do things as simply as possible. In other words, you can use the studs to your advantage. When you can nail directly into the studs, you are able to support and balance many shelves very quickly. Since this does not require finishing, you also will not have to do anything beyond picking wood that looks like the wood in the garage.

DIY Shelves With Finishing

If you want to go all-out and finish the walls as you install the shelves, remember that you have two options. You can install drywall and put the shelves over that, or you can install sheet rock and place the shelves against the sheet rock. While sheet rock is heavier and thicker, you will find that it is easier to manage because of its density.

The sheet rock is stable enough to drill into when you are affixing the shelves to the wall, and it is also easy to paint. In essence, you are so the job the same as above, but you are painting the drywall and staining the shelves.

Choose colors and styles that match your garage and your home and you’re in business. This doesn’t have to be a complicated project as long as you approach it wisely.



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