Does My College Student Need Renters Insurance for their Apartment Off Campus?

It’s getting to that time of the year again… Football season, Fall, and School! Now a common question that our agency gets is “Does My College Student Need Renters Insurance for their Apartment Off Campus?” The answer is YES. Whether they live in a apartment, townhome, or house they will need their own renters insurance policy.


So, a renters insurance policy can cover many different things but the main coverages that apply are Personal Property and Personal Liability. Personal Property is anything that belongs you. That could include your bed, dresser, table, clothes, laptop, etc. It would be what the carrier would pay out if there was a loss. Now the Personal Liability covers you for any “incidents” that may happen on your property or is anyone were to try and sue you.

Can there just be one renter’s policy?

So, this is also a common question. When there are multiple students renting from the same place then it may make sense to just have one renter’s policy… No. It is not smart to all be under one policy unless you are family members or married. There is only one policy holder. That means if a claim were to happen and all your stuff were to be destroyed, the one who holds the policy will be getting paid. Or say if they want to move out, then he will have to cancel his policy (which would be yours too). The easier and safer way to handle this situation is to avoid it all together and have your own.

Spivey can help you answer any additional questions you may have as well as help you write your college student a renter’s policy. You can also go to our YouTube channel and see a short video example. Go follow us on social media to be updated about all of our Blogs and  Vlogs Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.!


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