Does your insurance policy cover your customers’ vehicle while in your care?

Do you own a body shop, muffler shop, or a towing company? If yes, then you need a Garage Liability Insurance policy that is affordable, but also provides excellent coverage Spivey Insurance Group has only the most experienced and professional agents that are able to write their customers the best policies.
Do you know the difference between Garage Liability and Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability?
Garage liability insurance usually provides protection for:
• Liability for personal injury that occurs at the shop
• Discrimination and employee dishonesty claims
• Claims associated with business-owned vehicles
Garage Keeper’s Legal Liability policy is intended to coverage damage to an automobile held by a garage in their care, custody or control. It is an add on to regular commercial general liability. It doesn’t come standard. Whether one car or a garage full of cars is damaged while in your care, the total amount covered by Garage Keeper’s insurance is based on the limit you choose. Anytime you have a customer’s car in your possession you expect that no damages will occur. Accidents unfortunately do happen. If your shop is broken in to and vehicles are vandalized, then this type of policy can cover damages and losses.

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