Essentials for your Winter Emergency Kit

With temperatures finally beginning to drop, we can officially say that winter is here. And with winter comes along snow, ice, and dangerous road conditions. When caught in dangerous road conditions, it is always a smart idea to keep a winter road emergency kit in your vehicle. Here are some essential items to have stocked in your emergency kit:

1.Ice Scrapper. An ice scrapper is cheap tool that will benefit you almost daily. Whether you are scrapping off the layer of ice on your windshield in the morning before work or the ice frozen over on the handle of your car, an ice scrapper is an essential tool during those winter months.
2.Light Source. There are only a few hours of daylight during the winter months, so the chances of something going wrong in the dark are pretty high. Keeping a light source in your emergency kit will help you see in dangerous conditions.
3.First Aid Kit. No matter the season, having a first aid kit in your vehicle is always a smart idea. In case of an accident, a first aid kit can help whoever is hurt before emergency responders arrive.
4.Blankets. If you are stuck on the side of the road in freezing temperatures, a blanket is an essential heat source. Keeping your body temperatures regulated with a blanket under emergency conditions will help with the situation.
5.Communication. This may not fall into your emergency kit, but always having your cell phone charge in the vehicle with you will benefit you when an emergency situation happens. Help is only minutes away when you have a fast way to contact someone.

Having these items in your winter emergency kit will make a difference when you are stuck in a dangerous situation. Next time you are at the store, pick up these items to keep you and your passengers safe! It is always a smart idea to double-check your auto insurance policy during winter months. Give Spivey insurance Group a call at 704-821-4460 to go over you auto insurance policy. Stay connected with Spivey Insurance during the winter months on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus!

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