What To Do In The Event Of A Hit & Run Accident

Hit-and-run accidents happen and they are awful. You go into a store and come out to find that someone hit your car while it was parked, but they took off and there is no way to find out who is responsible.

This may be one of the most angry moments of your life. On the positive side, if you are covered by the Spivey Insurance Group, we’ve had a lot of experience with these type incidents in our many years in the insurance business in the Charlotte area.

We will get you through this as painless as possible. Here’s what you have to do in case this ever happens to you.

Once this happens to you there is no way to file a claim on the other person. You have to go to your own insurance company.

If this happens, you need to be sure you have comprehensive and collision coverage.

If your car was parked when the damage occurs, its going to be covered under comprehensive coverage.

If your car was in motion it’s going to be covered under collision coverage.

These insurance coverages are what you need to have in order to be covered on your vehicle in case any of these scenarios happen to you.

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