Fall Brings Unpredictable Weather

It’s that time of year again and today is the first official day of fall. Fall is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy all the changes it brings us. There is a crisp breeze, leaves begin to change, and the smell of cinnamon is roaming through the air. Even though this is one of the best times of year there are certain steps needed to be taken in order for your automobile and homes to be in safe conditions. Before severe weather arrives it is best to make sure your car is prepared to handle anything. Most people consider winter to be the most dangerous season for driving, but autumn can be just as threatening. The days are shorter and with wet pavement being covered with layers of leaves, drivers need to be very cautious. The state of your car can make a huge difference in how well it handles different road conditions.

One of the most important things a driver can do to prepare their vehicle is to check tire pressure and the tread of the tire. Slick tires are not able to grip the road properly and with wet conditions wrecks are more likely to occur. Headlights and fog lights are essential in fall driving. Clean and bright headlights with no glare can allow the driver to see more clearly and stay alert. Last, but not least it is advised that drivers check their brakes. Stopping on wet pavement covered in leaves is hard enough without having brake problems. Some other checklist items are checking fluids and the battery. Batteries are more likely to quit when cooler weather arrives. When conditions are unsafe drivers need to drive with caution and use best judgment. Also it is advised to have an emergency kit stowed away in your vehicle just in case.

Fall brings cooler temperatures, wind, rain, and unpredictable weather. A homeowner needs to be prepared for anything that can happen. Windows and doors need to be checked for cracks and sealed immediately. Also the foundation of the house needs to be properly inspected to prevent leaks and heat loss. One of the most common things to happen with changing weather conditions are pipes busting. Letting a faucet drip can help prevent this from happening. Make sure gutters are regularly being cleaned from debris and fallen leaves. These are just a few precautionary steps to take to prevent accidents from happening.

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