February 20th is “Love Your Pet Day”

Not that you needed another reason to kiss your pets, but February 20th brings oodles of excuses for pet pampering. It’s none other than “Love Your Pet Day,” so go ahead and buy the chew toy you’ve been eyeing for your dog. There’s a special treat for any kind of pet and even some treats you can make yourself. For example, you can give your mouse an extra toilet paper roll or make a string with bells for your cat. February 20th is also a great opportunity to spend extra time with your pet. Take your dog on a walk or to a dog park for fetch. Relax and just spend time together. Maybe bathe him afterward to give him a nice, extra-clean feeling. Let your hamster or gerbil out of her cage for longer than usual so she can have fun investigating her surroundings.

Thinking about the big picture is also a great idea, and “Love Your Pet Day” allows for reflection. Make sure your pet is as healthy as possible. If you smoke, try to cut down on February 20th and maybe from then on. Secondhand smoke is not only dangerous for humans, but for animals, too. If your pet eats people food, double check that the food is good for him. Think about pet insurance. As medical technology improves, pets are living longer, and you want their lives to be as comfortable and quality-filled as possible. Pets are even getting surgeries such as kidney transplants that were previously reserved for humans. Pet insurance could let you take care of your pet for longer while keeping your bank account intact, so take a few minutes on February 20th to see if it’s a good idea for you and your pet. Shop around and read the fine print about co-pays, deductibles and excluded treatments.

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