Five Home Decorating Ideas for Spring

Spring is nearly upon us, and it is time to welcome in the new season with a fresh look and feel. Put away the winter decor, and start looking for new beautiful, bright and warm ideas to encourage your entire family to enjoy spring.

1. Brighten Your Living Room

You don’t need to buy new furniture, but you should consider bright furniture covers, throw pillows and curtains. Brightly-colored rugs will also bring new life to your living room.

2. Flowers Everywhere

Nothing quite says spring to your visitors than when they are greeted at your front door by a gorgeous fresh flower wreath. Hang plants on your front porch, and plant flowers in flower boxes on your porch and outside your windows. Fill vases with fresh flowers throughout your home to bring more color and fabulous scents to every room.

3. Change Your Bedroom

A light and bright bedding set will perk up your bedroom. Be sure to add some airy curtains that will allow that lovely spring breeze inside. Some nice spring prints for your wall will complete the new look.

4. Wall Rejuvenation

You can make an intense change to all your rooms without too much work. Consider nice spring borders to adorn the top of the walls in each room. If you want to put more into it, you could choose from a variety of wallpapers or even paint the walls in new bright colors.

5. Attract Nature

Bring real life to your yard by planting flowers that attract butterflies. Many decorative bird houses and bird and squirrel feeders are available to build or purchase, and you can tempt a variety of gorgeous birds to visit or even live in your yard.

These are some great ideas for decorating your home to complement the spring season, but don’t stop there. Use your imagination, and you are bound to come up with some beautiful ideas of your own to make your home unique.

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