Flood Insurance: Are you Covered?

With all the rain that we have received over the past week, it is clear that the rainy season is here. Many people do not know that the area that they live in can be acceptable to flooding. When flooding occurs, there is nothing you can do to stop it, and you can end up loosing money in home or property damages. Even a few inches of standing water in a certain area can lead to thousands of dollars in damages.
Flood insurance in typically not included in standard home insurance plans. Your insurance agent can help you add flood insurance to your insurance policy, especially during the rainy season. In order for insurance agents to help you obtain a helpful flood insurance plan, know the specifics in regards to your personal home or business. Know the answers to questions such as, “do I live in a flood plain zone?” “Do I want to protect the building only, or the contents as well?” Answering important questions such as these will help your local agent design a flood insurance plan specific for you home or business.
If you need to file a claim due to flood damage from the extensive rain that the area received, called Spivey Insurance Group at 704.821.4460. Our insurance agents will look at claim adjustments and see what can be covered in your losses. Getting the right flood insurance plan can save you the stress and the worry when large amounts of rain move into our area.

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