From Hardcore Motorcyclist to Casual Rider, Find the Right Coverage For You!

As summer approaches and warm weather surrounds us, we all know what that means…it’s time to bring out that beloved motorcycle! But before you get your “baby” on the road, make sure you have the proper insurance and coverage for all your needs! Of the fifty states, forty-nine of them require liability motorcycle insurance (all except Florida), and a dozen call for personal injury protection for motorcyclists. However, most states don’t necessitate uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Other aspects to consider are comprehensive and collision coverage, along with medical injury coverage. Also, if your bike is customized you may also need to get individual coverage for all those parts. What’s that all mean? It means that, with the riskiness involved in motorcycles, it can be a pretty hefty price tag to get the insurance coverage that you need! Continue reading to learn some tricks to get the protection you need but at an affordable cost…

Everyone knows that driving a motorcycle can be an amazing feeling…but it’s also extremely risky. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the fatality rate of motorcyclists is 6 times the rate of passenger car occupants. In just the year 2007, over 103,000 motorcyclists were injured in accidents; that’s 15,000 more than the previous year. Because of the greater risk involved with bikes, insurance can be costlier than that of automobiles. However, there are some ways to save some money when purchasing the right insurance policy.

The cost of motorcycle insurance is determined by three different areas, the model of the motorcycle, the climate where the bike is primarily used, and the driving record of the person being insured. The following are some ways to offset costs of motorcycle insurance:

1. Part-time insurance – While some motorcycle fanatics ride their bikes year-round, a majority of people put their “babies” into hibernation for a part of the year. Therefore, there’s no reason to fully insure your cycle. Many insurance companies offer seasonal policies that cover your bike for 6- to 9-month periods.

2. Take a motorcycle-safety course – Some states require these before giving a motorcycle license, but even in the states that don’t you can guarantee that insurance companies will likely give a 10-15% discount for completing one.

3. Increase deductibles – The higher the deductible, the lower the premium. However, make sure you can afford the cost of the deductible you choose.

4. Double up – If you have multiple bikes or live with someone else that rides, you can usually get a multiple vehicle discount.

5. Maintain a good driving record – Since insurance companies use your driving record to determine the cost of your premium, it is wise to keep a clean driving record and show valuable driving experience in order to lower your rate.

The number one thing to remember when putting a bike on the road is BE SAFE! With the dangers surrounding motorcycles, be sure to ride safe and smart at all times!

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