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Garage Liability Insurance In The Charlotte Area ~ Spivey Insurance

You’ve worked hard to establish your shop. No one can even imagine the hours and the time spent to learn your craft. The dream has come true and you are making a living doing what you love. The classic American Dream.

Have you protected yourself financially? What is someone gets hurt while in your shop? What if a freak storm occurs overnight and some of the customers cars in your lot get damaged through no fault of your own. You need that peace of mind that your garage is covered through The Spivey Insurance Group. We specialize in Garage Liability Insurance in the Greater Charlotte Metro area. Your financial well being is our specialty.

If you own a garage or shop, you will most likely need these 2 insurance coverages to protect yourself financially. You will need Garage Liability Insurance which is just like Business Liability Insurance except for your garage or shop. This type of coverage protects you against lawsuits & medical costs from someone who has an accident on your premises.

The second type of insurance we recommend is Garage Keepers Insurance. All kinds of things can happen to a customers car while parked on your premises. If it happens, you’re covered.

Call us today at 704-821-4460 and look around our website and we’ll be happy to work out a plan with you that keeps you financially protected and affordable.

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