Get Your Charlotte Auto Insurance From A Local Agency That Cares

Charlotte Auto Insurance

Everyday we see auto insurance ads telling us how much money we can save on car insurance only to find out it may not be true and we get treated like an account number.

You can’t turn on your TV without being bombarded with these ads. We all know they are just working the numbers, I don’t think for a minute they care about me as an individual policy holder.

You call and are put on hold and you have to wait for “the next available agent”.

I don’t want to be an account number to these companies who spend millions on ads instead of just lowering their rates.

You don’t have time to be put on hold. You must make the right decisions about your automobile insurance.

How do their rates compare? Am I covered in an accident? Will the policy cover me while I’m traveling in rental cars?

What if I have teenage drivers? That can be a nightmare but not for Spivey Insurance. Let them help you rest easy.

Are you going to place your trust in a company that treats you as a number or with a local company that knows you by name and knows when your kids are graduating?

Personally, I want a local company that I can walk into and speak with an agent who knows me and will answer my questions over a cup of coffee.

The Spivey insurance Group has built such a business based on personal relationships since 1989.

Call, stop by or visit their web site to begin a personal relationship with a local agency that cares about you.


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