Hail Damage in Charlotte

Many of us experienced a large, powerful storm to start the Memorial Day weekend. Strong winds, rain and hail were reported with many cars, homes and valuables that bare the effects of the storm.

Spivey Insurance Group will help you with your damages. Our agents know how to properly handle your claim to get what is important to you back to tip-top shape.

It’s important to understand that depending upon your policy what can be covered and what will not be covered. An Auto Insurance Policy that only covers liability will not cover hail damage. If you have comprehensive insurance on the car along with liability, then typically your car will be covered. Have your cars body inspected first and receive an estimate on the damage. If the damage isn’t severe and its something that you could pay out of pocket to avoid any increases in your rates, that may be an alternative. Although it isn’t your fault, hail damage can negatively show on your policy and your rates could increase.

A very popular claim after a hailstorm is damage to the roof of a home. Its important to have your roof inspected to see if filing a claim is really necessary. Hail does damage a roof and will shorten the lifespan, but the damage may not be enough for an adjuster to declare it as something that is of top priority. Its also very important to know that previous damages to the roof that may have been caused by something else could be a deciding factor whether the roof meets requirements for filing a claim or not.

Enjoy the extended weekend and this beautiful Memorial Day!

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