Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Our employees are the best! They are always smiling and greeting others with sincere warmth.

Who are these people behind the phone lines or emails that make sure you have the best quality North Carolina Insurance possible? Meet and give thanks to the Team…

Jim is the business guy. Yes, he knows Commercial and Business Insurance in and around Charlotte like no one else. Thankful for his knowledge to take care of your business!

Valerie can oversee your Home Insuraurance, Auto Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance and everything in between.

Angie can manage your Rental Property, Flood Insurance, and Life Insurance policies.

Lindsay can answer any questions you may have about policies. She’s knowledgeable in customer service relations and will probably be the first one you speak to if you call into the office.

Jacob is our social media assistant and is our eyes and ears at community events in the greater Charlotte area.

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704-821-4460 or 877-318-5951


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