Happy National Doughnut Day!

Today, June 1st is National Doughnut Day. We here at Spivey Insurance Group love our sweets and we wish everyday was National Doughnut Day. Make sure before you grab this sweet treat you read up on some history of the food we love.

National Doughnut Day started in 1938 during the great depression. It was a fundraiser for the Chicago Salvation Army. During World War II “lassies,” who were the female volunteers that made the meals for the men on the front line. These fried doughnuts were cooked in oil inside metal helmets. American infantrymen were also called “doughboys.”

There are several doughnut shops in and around the area that will be doing promotions for this sweet day! Our very own local Indian Trail Doughnut shop called “The Donut House” is local in the community. Click HERE to visit their website to see a wide variety of flavors they offer. They will also be featured on NBC news for being nominated for the best doughnuts in the community.

There are other doughnut shops in the area that will be participating. Dunkin’ Donuts is one of them. They will be giving away one free doughnut per customer with the purchase of any beverage. Guests can choose any kind of doughnut throughout the entire day on Friday, June 1st. Krispy Kreme is also doing a doughnut deal offering each customer a choice of any free doughnut, no purchase required.

This Friday for National Doughnut Day we hope you enjoy your favorite doughnut flavor at any of these local shops. Make sure you stay connected with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google Plus. We hope you enjoy your fried sweet treats!!

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