Helping Non-Profits

It’s the season of giving time, donations and endless love to those in our community.

We support non-profits in Union County, as well as in the surrounding areas. They provide assistance to our growing surrounding counties!

We had the privilege of getting to lend a helping hand to a new non-profit here in Union County that gives back passionately. Turnaround Toys is a Christian Non Profit Organization dedicated to the gathering, refurbishing, and redistribution of gently used toys. All toys are washed, inspected, and then given to severely impoverished families with children in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

In our efforts to help, we collected toys and our intern lead a group of volunteers to help collect, sort, clean and organized boxes of toys.

Turnaround Toys, on Friday December 13 at 12:00 will officially join the Chamber of Commerce here in Union County with a ribbon cutting ceremony.

More information is provide at – http://goo.gl/9hNk3j

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704-821-4460 or 877-318-5951





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