Holiday Party Safety, What Your Comany Can Do

Throwing a holiday party at work is a great way to show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work. Whether you choose to throw the party at the office or a restaurant, your employees can have a lot of fun eating tasty treats, drinking refreshing cocktails and chatting with their coworkers. Although holiday work parties can be a lot of fun, they can get out of hand sometimes. For example, if an employee drinks too much and gets into a car accident on his way home, the company could be responsible. Here are some tips for throwing a safe holiday party:

Watch Your Employees

During the holiday party, pay attention to how much your employees drink. If you notice an employee who is obviously drunk, you should make sure he doesn’t drive himself home. Find a sober coworker to drive him home or call him a cab. If you allow a drunken employee to drive home and he gets into an accident, you put the company at risk of a costly lawsuit.

Review Company Policies Beforehand

It is a good idea to review company policies beforehand to make sure nobody feels uncomfortable or offended at the party. Make it clear that things like sexual harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated at the party and can be grounds for termination.

Provide Several Foods to Meet Dietary Needs

It’s likely that your employees have different dietary needs, so it’s a smart idea to provide a variety of different foods at the party. Add a line at the bottom of the invitations instructing employees to list any dietary needs they may have. For example, if some of your employees are allergic to gluten, make sure to provide gluten free options.

If you follow these tips, you should be able to throw a fun and safe holiday work party. Make sure to have business insurance beforehand in case something would happen at the party.


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