As Home Prices Go Up, Your Home Insurance Needs Updating

Yes, the Charlotte housing marketing is trending upwards again, since its downfall in 2008. This means more building, remodeling, buying, and selling of homes.

How does that affect you? Great question and glad we can answer.

This means that our area will begin to see older homes being remodeled or newer homes being built. The changing market will also mean a lot of updating on Home Insurance policies.

That’s right, as market values increase the need to update or revamp your Home Insurance is necessary. This means that your house will be worth more and you Home Insurance will need be cover a high value home.

When the North Carolina housing market declined in 2008, your homes value may have been affected on some level. Some homes maintained their value well, while others have lost almost half if not more of their value.

Therefore, look for indicators that may lead to inquire about your home insurance policy such as new homes being built around you, or new shopping and dining coming close to your home.

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