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What To Do If Your Homeowners Policy Gets Cancelled

Sometimes it happens and the insurance company cancels your homeowners insurance policy.

Your question may be can an Insurance Carrier cancel your policy? The answer is yes under certain conditions.

Once you sign an application with a new homeowners insurance carrier the insurance carrier has 60 days to inspect the house and determine if they would like to provide the coverage for your home.

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If they were to inspect your home and find something at your house that needs to be fixed you will be given a set time to complete it and provide proof to them. This is standard practice in the insurance business these days. They just want you to correct or repair some conditions.

Most of the time if the application has been completed properly this is usually not an issue.

Within that 60 days a homeowners insurance carrier can cancel your coverage if they like. After the 60 days, they can’t cancel your policy until your renewal date. But at renewal date they have the option to not renew.

Now you may ask what happens when your policy comes up for renewal and the carrier doesn’t renew it. If that would occur, you don’t have to worry Spivey Insurance has multiple carriers that we do business with.

We can and will find you a homeowner policy.

Call us today at 704-821-4460.

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