Hosting A Super Bowl Party? Better Protect Yourself

It’s that time of the year for Pro Football fanatics around the world. Super Bowl 46!

It should be a great game this year with the New England Patriots taking on the New York Giants. 

When you think Super Bowl, you automatically think Super Bowl Parties and friends, great food and wide screen TV’s.

One thing you never think about most likely is what if something bad happened at your party and one of your guests are accidentally injured? If that worst case scenario occurred, would you be covered by insurance? Who thinks of insurance at a time like this you ask?

If you are hosting the party, you are the one who needs to think about this. If something bad should happen at a party you are hosting, you could open yourself up to potential lawsuits. 

How can you protect yourself? At Spivey Insurance Group, we recommend a personal umbrella insurance policy. 

An Umbrella Policy goes above and beyond the coverage you receive from your homeowners insurance. It’s quite normal to purchase an umbrella policy of $1 million of liability protection for as little as $150 per year.  

Your first concern should be the protection of your family, home and assets. Jury’s tend to award very high claims for personal injury lawsuits. Imagine the peace of mind you can have for a very low cost. 

Think about it, most Super Bowl parties serve alcohol and when you mix a few drinks with some passionate football fans, accidents can and will happen. Even if someone trips on the rug in your den, you are potentially liable for their medical costs if they require a trip to the doctor. 

At Spivey Insurance we have been providing Umbrella Insurance in Charlotte for years and we can help you anywhere in North & South Carolina. 

Have a great Super Bowl party this year and we hope your favorite team wins!

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