Pet-Proof your Office with NC Business Insurance

Here at Spivey Insurance Group, we have recently adopted a puppy named Molly! She hangs out in the office and brings us all some amusement each day. But having a pet in the office isn’t the easiest thing. Just like you have to pet-proof your home, it’s also important to pet-proof your office! Here are some tips from your NC business insurance agency:

  • Check for allergies. Before you bring a dog to the office, make sure you check with each employee to see if they have allergies and are okay with a dog being there. You don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. Remember: not everyone is a dog person, and some people have very bad allergies!
  • Secure all equipment. We know how energetic dogs can be. Secure all filing cabinets, bookcases, and computer equipment to keep the dog from knocking them over when he or she gets very excited!
  • Protect wires. Cover all wires to keep them safe from teething puppies! Try running them under carpets to keep them out of sight.
  • Get pet-friendly furniture. Consider buying leather chairs instead of upholstered ones. They are easy to clean and won’t hold smells like fabric chairs. Also look for metal wheels instead of plastic ones to ward off chewing.
  • Make a space for the dog. Dogs function best when they feel they have a place to call their own. Provide a dog bed and a few toys in an area of the office where he or she won’t be disturbed, like in a corner beside your desk or in a back room. This way, when your pup gets a bit too overwhelmed with all the activity, he or she can go relax for a bit.
  • Put rules in place. This one is for both the dog and your employees. Teach your pet that it’s not okay to beg for food during lunchtime, but also ask your employees not to feed him or her table scraps. It’s a team effort!
  • Take frequent walks. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog, so make sure you’re taking him or her for frequent walks to burn off energy. Also provide toys and treats to keep your pup entertained while in the office.

A dog can be a wonderful addition to your office family! However, a lot of preparation goes into preparing for a dog. These tips from your NC business insurance agency can help you, your dog, and your employees enjoy each other’s company!


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