Spivey Insurance Salutes The Monroe Police Officers Of The Month

Have you ever really taken the time to consider how your local law enforcement is willing to put their lives on the line to protect our communities? Many of us take that fact for granted. 

Each time I see the news, I’m reminded how important law enforcement is to our communities. These brave men and women sometimes lay down their lives to protect us. 

At Spivey Insurance Group, we decided that it was time to honor these brave souls for the jobs they do. 

We teamed up with our local radio station, WIXE, and we are now honoring and awarding a Monroe, NC Police Officer Of The Month.

It’s high time that these brave men and women are recognized for the work they do. 

We are proud to be associated with WIXE Radio and the Monroe, NC Police.

We would like to congratulate officers Lt. Bobby Manus and Sgt. Craig Bradshaw as the first 2 recipients for 2012.

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