How do I get Insurance on my Vehicle if I’m an Uber Driver?

Whether you’re providing a ridesharing or delivery service, Spivey’s here to make sure you’re fully covered while you’re waiting on a fare, in the middle of a trip, or heading home. If your vehicle is used to help you make money, or it is registered as a commercial vehicle, then you absolutely need to investigate ridesharing / delivery insurance that will meet your needs and provide support should you ever need it.

We’ll talk to you about how you use your car to make money, how often you work, the type of car you have, and more. Depending on what you do, you may be subject to Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) rules for safety-sensitive workers as well. But we’ll make sure you get the coverage you need to keep you safe on the road, every time! Our plans include Liability and Physical Damage Coverage, Collision Coverage, Comprehensive Coverage. Most personal auto insurance policies don’t cover accidents when you are transporting someone, making a delivery, or going to pick up a fare. You will need additional protection to ensure you keep that money you’re earning in your pocket where it belongs. Our coverage is all-encompassing, including Limos, Taxis, Cars, Contracting Trucks, Box Trucks, School Vans, Uber/Lyft Vehicles, Food Delivery Cars.

At Spivey Insurance, we will help you find the right policy and coverage for you. Our Agents have been trained to help their customers with whatever kinds of questions go their way! You can follow us on social media to keep up with our Blogs and Vlogs. You can also learn more by visiting our landing page at https://bit.ly/3CDMM2A.

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