How to Help Your Child Learn at Home

With virtual-only or hybrid learning plans in place, the hope that many parents had of getting back to “normal” has been lost for the foreseeable future. As you prepare for more virtual learning, you may be wondering what you can do to help your child stay on task and make the most of this time. Nothing about this situation is ideal, but there are ways to help your child learn and grow while studying at home. 

Keep to a Schedule

It’s important for kids to have a routine to keep them in “learning mode.” Designating when it’s time to work and time to play will help them ignore the inevitable distractions of learning at home.

Designate a Learning Space

Just like going to a classroom at school, sitting at a certain desk or table for school will give kids the consistency they need to concentrate on their schoolwork. 

Stay in Touch with Your Child’s Teachers

Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep in touch with your kid’s teachers. Your kid’s teachers can let you know how your child is doing and give you tools to help your child if they’re struggling.

Let Them Explore Their Passions

This is a good time to give your kids some leeway to pursue passion projects. If your kid loves music, drawing, painting, building, cooking, discovering things in nature, or some other creative outlet, encourage them to use this time away from school to explore their interest. Along with helping them discover what their strengths are, if they’re working on something they enjoy, you won’t be spending time trying to get them to do it.

Cut Yourself Some Slack 

There may be days going forward where your kids play video games or watch TV all day. That’s ok! You should set goals and make sure that not every day is like that, but remember that this isn’t an ideal situation for anyone. This pandemic forced you, your kids and their teachers into a situation nobody was prepared for. Cut yourself some slack and give yourself time to breathe and relax!

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