We Make HVAC Contractor Insurance Simple!

There’s a lot that goes into covering HVAC contracting businesses. Given the cost of your equipment and that you work inside people’s houses and buildings, you can imagine why your insurance needs are going to be more extensive than most small businesses. When you work in HVAC contracting, you need specialized insurance. 

Here are some common risks HVAC contractors face and the coverage you need: 

Auto Accidents

We probably all feel like we’ve seen more auto insurance ads than we can count. While going through a carrier directly may seem like the simplest option, it actually ends up making things more complicated. With an independent agency like Spivey Insurance, you have two major advantages. The first is that we have access to all the top carriers and will do the work for you of shopping to find the best rates, discounts and coverage options. Also, it’s much simpler to have just one insurance agent, isn’t it? We can insure all your company vehicles as well as provide you with any other policy your business needs. 

Cost of Repairing or Replacing Tools and Equipment

The tools of your trade can be very costly to repair or replace. We will tailor your business insurance to cover your tools and equipment both on the job and in transit. 

Lawsuits from Clients

Since you perform your work in other people’s residences and businesses, you are more susceptible than most to lawsuits. Lawsuits can come in the form of suing over property damage, injury or faulty work. Even when you’re not at fault, the fees associated with legal defense can be staggering. We’ll find a general liability policy that will cover your costs if you’re ever sued.

Employee Injuries

Workers’ Compensation is required in North Carolina if you have more than 3 employees, or 4 employees if you’re in South Carolina. No need to go to a separate insurance agency to get workers’ compensation coverage. We can do that too!

At Spivey Insurance, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming experts with insuring HVAC contractors. Depending on your unique business, a Business Owner Policy (BOP), license bond insurance and/or cyber liability coverage may be advisable. We know every type of policy and coverage you need to protect your business. We also work with you to find that critical balance between adequate coverage and affordability. 

There’s only one place you need to go for all of your business’s insurance needs. Give us a call at 704-821-4460 so we can get you the best insurance package for your HVAC business. Be sure to follow us on  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest too.

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