How to Host the Best Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Sunday is practically a national American holiday. It is also the perfect excuse to have a party! But when you think of hosting a party, you may think it will be too expensive. Avoid those thoughts when planning your Panthers Super Bowl party. If you want to host a winning super bowl party not only for your team but for your family and friends, it is easy! Here are some tips for hosting your Super Bowl 50 party.
•Use used. Find stuff lying around the house that would help with your party. Have a basket filled with old mail? Empty it for the day to hold plastic silverware or napkins. Turn your junk into treasures for decorations for your party that your guest will love.
•Buy Bulk. Buying enough chicken wings to fill an entire football field is a staple at all Super Bowl parties. When buying your food items for your party, shop at bulk stores to save a couple dollars. Plus, chicken wing left overs are always good too!
Get into the game. Since our own Carolina Panthers are in the Superbowl 50, it wont be hard to get into the game. But make the atmosphere of your home feel like all your guest are at an actually football game. Decorate your house with green table clothes (that look like the field) and make sure you have plenty of cold beverages. Your guest should feel like they are at Super Bowl 50 the second they walk into your home.

Make your Panther Super Bowl party fun and non-stressful for you. Creating a football themed environment is a crowd-pleaser for your guest. Take the initiative to make sure you have an umbrella insurance policy incase some football fans get a little too rowdy. Umbrella insurance policy is an extra liability insurance incase you fall into a lawsuit and major claims. Have any questions about if your insurance has the umbrella policy? Give Spivey Insurance Group a call at 704-821-4460. Also, share your Panther Pride with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus!

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