How to Keep Employees Productive

Happy Monday everyone! We are just beginning the work week. As we sit in our offices and daydream about being on the lake, by the pool, or really anywhere besides work, it can be difficult to keep yourself and other employees motivated. In order for a company to be successful, employees must be productive and accomplish the assigned tasks efficiently. Here are five ways to keep your employees productive and happy.
1. Acknowledge Good Work: Praise people publicly for their contribution, but criticize privately. Not everyone is going to be perfect 100 percent of the time, but if you see an employee showing hard work and dedication then acknowledge that.
2. Be flexible: Not just with hours but how you treat them. How about giving them a couple of hours off one afternoon to tend to some personal business. Maybe working a half day on the first Friday of every month. Employees now than ever are migrating towards an acceptable work life balance.
3. Keep their work interesting: We all get bored with repetitive tasks, same thing just a different day. Make it a point to keep work interesting by including employees in different aspects of the company and having them be able to rotate to different jobs throughout the employees. Employees who know how to do multiple tasks well hold greater value.
4. Organize an Employee Appreciation Day or outing. Have a company-wide picnic or treat employees to breakfast or lunch and show them what great assets they are to the company. If your company has extra money in the budget, consider taking your employees on an off-site adventure or buying them small gifts. A successful working environment must be productive, but also having fun.
5. Bonuses: Money isn’t everything, but employees are usually motivated and respond to bonuses and other financial incentives as a way to reward great performances.

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