How to Improve Gas Mileage

Holiday driving can put a strain on anyone’s budget and it can be difficult to get good gas mileage in many vehicles. There are some things that a driver can do to increase fuel efficiency, especially by thinking ahead.
To save up to 25 percent at the pump, tire inflation should be checked and corrected before travel. Changing a clogged air filter can mean better gas mileage as well. For a bit more money, you may want to change your oil and have your tires balanced.
Think Before You Pack
Many times travelers must pack a dozen Christmas presents plus their luggage. Unfortunately, a heavy trunk is a drag on fuel economy. Rooftop packing causes wind resistance, again reducing fuel economy. If you can, buy gifts online and have them shipped to your destination, this will reduce the weight that you will need to carry. Decide together what the family needs before anyone does individual packing. Perhaps you don’t need as much stuff for the vacation as you think. If you are traveling a long distance, it may be worth it to rent bikes or skis rather than bring your own.
Get An App for That
Highway fuel prices can vary widely, however many phones and GPS systems can help you track fuel prices. Find out which app will work for you on your trip and learn to use it before you travel.
Think About Traffic
Before leaving on any trip, examine the route for snags. Try to avoid rush hour driving in the major cities that you may pass through. Use GPS, apps, and state highway sites to find out where road construction may slow you down. When on the road, be ready with alternative routes.
Think About Speed
When driving, use cruise control to regulate speed at 70 mph. This can save big money at the fuel pump. Driving at 80 mph can eat up 25 percent more gas in a snap.

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