5 Stress-Free Thanksgiving Tips!

Thanksgiving is one of our FAVORITE holidays. One reason… Lots of FOOD! The only thing you’re supposed to do is EAT. Fabulous. Like a crazy person!


Although it is a great holiday… it can be stressful! Therefore we’ve put together 5 simple things you can do to make it stress-free and very enjoyable!



1) Make lists for EVERYTHING! – This includes the shopping lists; lists of things to do and lists for who is bring what to the family Thanksgiving


2) Plan on 2 or 3 Shopping Trips– Yes, we would like to think we can get everything in one trip to the store. This is reality, so, be honest with yourself and know that you or someone who is going to the store for you will forget something. Therefore, do your first shopping list a week before so you can then have time to get things you’ve forgotten.


3) Set your Table one or two days before – The dishes will be fine. If you are worried about dust… wipe them with a damp cloth the morning before the big feast!


4) Use a Card Table for Dirty Dishes – This helps to keep your counter space free of mounds and mounds of dishes!


5) Prep Foods the Day(s) before – Chop veggies, potatoes, things that can be stored in the fridge the day before or even sooner. The object is to do as LEAST as possible the day-of.


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