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Sometimes searching for a job can seem a bit like trying to make one’s way through a jungle without any sunlight. Even after following some of the most helpful tips, the search for a job can be overwhelming. Let’s dive in and take a look at several unique job searching tips anyone can use to land the right job.

Tip 1) Initiate the Interview

Many people send in their resumes in hopes of being called in for an interview. Things don’t have to work this way. In fact, those searching for a job can actually initiate the interview process themselves. How? It’s simple. Send a prospect employer a gift card to a near-by Starbucks or other coffee shop asking for five minutes of his or her time.

Tip 2) Use Employee Referral Programs

Many employers have employee referral programs. It’s always a good idea to use such programs to one’s advantage. In fact, for many companies, the only way to get one’s foot in the door is to go the route of getting referred.

Tip 3) Talk to the Recruiter

It is a recruiter’s job to find employees for his or her employer. Because of this, people in search of a job should start with the recruiter instead of sending in a resume. If a person can’t secure a meeting with the recruiter, search for his or her home telephone number or email address and leave a professional message. The recruiter will be intrigued that a job searcher went through the trouble of finding his or her home number.

Tip 4) Call the CEO

Sometimes getting in good with an employer means speaking with the owner. By phoning or mailing the CEO, a job searcher is likely to impress. Keep in mind, some companies have more than one CEO, so securing an interview might take more than one phone call or postal mail letter.

Tip 5) Avoid Online Social Networking Sites

Unless a job searcher uses social networking sites for business-related purposes only, it is usually best to steer clear of them. Employers often search for potential employees via the sites, and the tiniest of detail on a one’s profile can ruin the chance of getting hired. For example, say John posts a blonde joke on his or her profile page, and the employer he or she is seeking employment through happens to be operated by a blonde female, this can negatively affect John’s chances of landing the job.

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