IT Security 101 with NC Business Insurance

In your office, you probably keep a lot of information online or on your computer. Think of all the sensitive information that you have on your computer: passwords, credit card and bank account numbers, sensitive files, and NC business insurance information. Are you taking appropriate measures to protect this information? Here are some tips!

  • Change default usernames and passwords. Using a computer’s security measures as they came installed is a big mistake. You may be using a generic username and password that other computers across the country have.
  • Upgrade your operating system. With new upgrades come more advanced security systems. Sign up for automatic updates or check for them regularly, and never delay installing them.
  • Operate on a need-to-know basis. Limit access of sensitive information to those who absolutely need to see it.
  • Change passwords regularly. Rather than sticking with the same password for years, change your password every few weeks. A stale password is a security breach waiting to happen. While you’re at it, have a different password for everything. Using the same password across multiple applications and devices can be dangerous.

Computer technology is a great way to manage your business and help it run more efficiently, but there are certain steps you’ll have to take to make sure everything stays safe. You can also invest in NC business insurance to protect every inch of your business!

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