Keep your Pets Safe this Holiday Season with Charlotte Insurance

The holiday season is upon us, and while it’s important to include your pets in the festivities, it’s also important to remember that the holidays come with some things that can endanger cats and dogs. Otherwise well-behaved and healthy pets can act out during the holidays or become ill from different things brought into their environment. Your Charlotte insurance agent can tell you if your current homeowner’s policy covers damages done by pets or injuries to others from dog or cat bites. Protect your pets this holiday season with the tips below:

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  • Decorations. We all know how curious dogs and cats are when something changes in their environment. If you put up a Christmas tree, make sure it is secured properly. You don’t want it falling over on a curious kitty! Also, since dogs are notorious for finding the oddest things delicious, put easily breakable and dangerous decorations at the top of the tree, out of Fido’s reach.
  • Plants. Many holiday plants can post a threat to animals, so try to avoid holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, and lilies.
  • Company. If you are having company over during the holidays, make sure your pet has a safe and quiet place to retreat. When a house is usually quiet, then all of a sudden is crowded with people, pets can become upset and anxious, acting out or even becoming physically ill.
  • Food. The jury is out on how to feed your pet during the holidays. Some people allow them to have human food year-round, others never give their pets table scraps. This is up to you, as you know your pet best, but your best bet is moderation. A few scraps of fully-cooked turkey and a little bit of gravy or sweet potatoes is fine. Try to avoid giving your pet a full Thanksgiving dinner if he’s not used to human food. Sudden changes in a pet’s diet can trigger intestinal issues and other illnesses. Always avoid foods that are dangerous to pets, like chocolate, raisins, anything with caffeine, grapes, garlic, and candy.

With the right precautions, pets can enjoy the holidays just as much as you do! Make sure your Charlotte insurance covers any damages that may happen during the holidays, then sit back and enjoy the time with your family!

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