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Valentines day has come and gone. Did you pop the question or are you waiting for the right moment still? Have you and your soon to be spouse set the special date?

Marriage is a BIG deal! Planning the menu, sending invites to family and of course planning the honeymoon can cause stress!

With all the pressures and stress, that planning a wedding can bring it may seem like the big day will never arrive! But wait, what if something happens? What if inclement weather forces you to cancel your big day? Perhaps your honeymoon has to be postponed or worse, the rings went missing.

Take a breather. Eliminate all those worries with the security of knowing that you’re shielded from unexpected or unplanned costs.

There’s wedding insurance. Yes, there’s insurance for just about anything, including a policy that can cover your wedding. The policy can be tailored depending on the amount of coverage and can include any expenses that are linked to the big day.

A wedding insurance policy can cover a wide range of things that could happen that can’t be forecasted. Unfortunately, the policy can’t cover the run a way bride or groom story. Sorry guys and gals, its true that you have to intend to get married in order for this policy to be affective.

The policy can cover photography accidents, lost film or damage pictures. What if a bridesmaid gets a little out of hand and spills something down the front of her dress? What if that untamed groomsmen rips his tux while doing the twist on the dance floor? The policy can pay for damaged or lost attire. What if your spouse lost that nice wedding present that his uncle gifted to you and your new spouse? Yes, marriage insurance can cover that as well. 

Here at Spivey Insurance Group we want you to have the best coverage available, especially on your wedding day. The expectations that we have for selling North Carolina insurance is to provide the most secure policies at a reasonable price. We guarantee our policies because we are apart of this community. We make every effort to make sure that you’re getting the best policy and not settling for a good policy.

Whether you’re a soon to be spouse or have yet to hear that eight letter word that could change your life, make the decision to cover the “what if’s.” Instead of feeling stressed and pressured, you’re likely to feel a little more confident and assured about your big day.

Call us today to make your day, truly about you and your loved ones.

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