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Make Sure You Select The Right Type Of Life Insurance

Life Insurance, do you know what your options are?

It’s very important that you realize there are drastic differences in life insurance and you might need a professional agent to help guide you through the process.

To keep it simple, here is a break down on 3 of your most common choices.

Universal life insurance and Whole Life insurance are both considered to be permanent life insurance products.

Whole life insurance is a safe product with a guaranteed premium, a fixed death benefit and offers a cash value.

Universal life insurance is much more flexible. You can select the amount of death benefit and the premium you pay.

The interest in the cash value account can grow subject to market conditions.

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Term Life is only for a certain amount of time with fixed payments. It is a temporary policy not permanent, and less expensive.

Most people may take out a term policy to be covered during a specified time, like having children in college.

A good way to look at this is: Whole life or Universal life is like buying a House. Term Life is like renting a house.

When it comes to your future, make sure your loved ones are taken care of.

A quick phone call to our office gets you a licensed professional agent who will help you determine what is your best life insurance option.

In addition, we search for providers that will save you money.

Call Spivey Insurance today and consult a licensed life agent for a free life insurance quote.

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