Making an Insurance Plan For your Restaurant

Opening your own restaurant is a proud accomplishment. You are putting something that you are passionate about, cooking, into a business to earn a profit. But as a restaurant owner, paying close attention to many different types of insurance claims is essential. Make sure you know the different liabilities that go into owning your own restaurant. For example, some of the most common liability claims in a restaurant include, power shortage, which causes the food to spoil, a fire, loosing the physical location of your restaurant, and an employee involved accident, that a legal lawsuit could be filled. Each liability issue that could happen in your restaurant could wipe out your business completely if you do not have the right business insurance. Things just happen in life, so we want to make sure your business is completely covered in case you would need to file a claim.
At Spivey Insurance Group, we do not believe in giving generic insurance coverage to all business owners. Each of our insurance plans cover many different styles of restaurants including Bar & Grill, casual dining, fast food, and fine dining establishments. Our insurance professionals create an insurance plan that can include workers compensation, food contamination coverage, commercial property coverage, general liability insurance, and liquor liability coverage. Each insurance plan will be appropriate for your business.
If you would like to work with Spivey Insurance Group to insure your restaurant, give us a call at 704-821-4460. We will do our best at protecting all the hard work you have put into opening your own restaurant. Also, stay in touch with Spivey Insurance Group on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Plus!

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