Making Sure Home Insurance is in your Emergency Plans

2015 has been a quite year so far for national weather based emergencies, however, hurricane season is rising upon us. Governor McCrory has declared September as North Carolina Preparedness Month supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. This is essential to all businesses, schools, and personal homes. This awareness month helps you be prepared incase of an emergency. Emergency plans include insurance. Although we may never know when a storm, hurricane, or fire will actually occur, make sure you are insured if it does.
This past week was the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Since Hurricane Katrina, other massive storms have affected our country, including Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast. According to the Indian Trail Bureau of the Union County Sheriff’s Office, the state of North Carolina has experienced 514 severe thunderstorms, 50 flash floods, 172 hailstorms, and 36 tornadoes in the past year. The most popular time for these emergency weather situations are the months of September and October. While taking all the steps to making sure you family members and home are prepared incase of an emergency storm situation, make sure you take a step to cover insurance. Most home insurance policies include the physical home itself, a bonus building such as a shed or garage, your personal property or land, and liability issues to defend you against lawsuits. Every home insurance plan is different, but Spivey Insurance Group can create a plan geared for your specific needs in case of a storm. Contact Spivey Insurance Group to understand what home insurance plan would be best for you and to learn more with a personal agent.
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