National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. Accidents can occur quite frequently whether they are minor or others that lead to serious injuries. National Safety Month is sponsored by the National Safety Council and they bring national attention to accident prevention. During National Safety Month, the National Safety Council helps Americans to prevent injuries from all types of accidents like slips, trips, falls to exercising regularly to prevent bodily injuries. It is important to not only keep yourself accident free, but also friends, family, and employees when they’re in your supervision. National Safety Month Web site, promotes safety around the home, on the road, and at the workplace. According to Travlers.com slips, trips, and falls are 15% of all accidents and approximately 25,000 of these types of events occur every day in the United States. Employers have to be very cautious in making sure those incidents such as a slip, trip, or fall happens as little as possible because they are responsible for the employees and customers. It is very important to take the necessary precautions in order to protect yourself and others against accidents.

According to The National Safety Month Web site .they provide a list of tips for protecting against accidental falls, both at home and at work:
• Aisles, stairs and walkways should be clutter-free; spills should be wiped, dropped objects picked up and cabinet drawers closed when not in use.
• Use handrails in stairways; take one step at a time and report or repair broken stairs or loose stair coverings.
• Apply nonskid floor coatings and slip-resistant mats where falls are likely. Slow down and take small steps when walking on a wet or slippery surface.
• Inspect ladders before and after every use.

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