National Flag week!

The strips, the stars and our patriotism make our nation the land of the free.

This week is national flag week. Memorial day wasn’t too long ago, but we’d thought we needed another reason to show how proud we are of our greatnation. Celebrate national flag week with us!

Here are some things to quiz your family on! You’ll sound like a historian… but don’t tell them any different. Let them envy your knowledge…

  • Ever wonder why the flag was designed in red, white and blue? To the original members of Congress, red represented hardiness and courage, white represented purity and innocence and blue stood for vigilance and justice.
  • The current version of the US flag was designed by an 18 year old high school student, who only received a “B-“ for his efforts. RobertHeft, took exception to this grade, and issued his teacher a challenge: if Heft’s design proposal was accepted by Congress, he would deserve and receive an “A”. Heft earned his “A”, and by presidential proclamation in 1958, his design was officially adopted as the nation’s flag
  • The flag should only be flown in fair weather, unless the flag is specifically designed to fight the elements.
  • The furthest the flag has ever been displayed from US soil was on the moon.
  • The 50th and final star was added to the flag on July 4, 1960, to represent the day Hawaii became a state.

Fly those flags high and be proud of our great nation!


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