Need Help Saving on Your North Carolina Insurance?

We love saving you money on your North Carolina auto insurance or Charlotte home insurance! Need a success story for some evidence? I give you Debra Forrest of Charlotte, NC…

“Angie saved me $600 annually on my auto/home insurance. Give her a call and tell her Debra Forrest referred you!”

Debra has been a loyal customer with us for two years now, and our goal with her and all of our customers is to continually try and save them as much money as possible. How you ask? Because after we initially write your insurance, we don’t just toss you into the pile of customers and never think about you again. We always check back and re-quote you to see if there’s any way to save you even more money with one of our many insurance companies that we write with. By doing this, we have the ability to still save you money ($600 for instance!) even if you’ve been with us for years!

Here at Spivey, our customers are more than just policy numbers in the computer, they are our friends and family! Visit our website at Spiveyinsurancegroup.com for more information.

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