New Year’s Eve Safety Tips!

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, not only is it time to get your resolutions ready, but it’s also time to prepare for a happy, fun but safe night of celebrating. New Year’s Eve is supposed to be a night of fun and celebrating the ringing in of 2013, which is why it is important to be prepared and plan wisely to avoid any accidents or mishaps. And keep in mind, with the chance of so many irresponsible drivers on the road, don’t forget to make sure your North Carolina auto insurance is up to date and you’ve got the coverage you need in case an accident were to occur.

Continue reading for some helpful safety tips to keep in mind for your upcoming celebration of the New Year!

New Year’s Eve Safety Tips

1. Never drive drunk! If you are planning on drinking anything, always have a designated driver in place for the night. Did you know that according a recent survey, New Year’s Eve is the night that teenagers are most likely to drive while under the influence (10% of the 2,300 surveyed said they’d driven drunk on New Year’s Eve before).
2. Limit your guests drinking if you’re playing host this year. And always remember, never let an intoxicated person leave your house and drive as you would be liable if an accident were to happen. Be prepared to offer your guests a place to sleep until they are sober again and can drive.
3. Bring only what you need when going out, such as money, an ID and one credit card. Avoid carrying all of your cars in order to steer clear of the chance of have your purse or wallet being stolen.
4. Park in a well lit area! According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, thieves steal more cars during the New Year’s holiday than any other time of the year (2,347 thefts were reported last New Year’s!).
5. Stay in groups when going out. Always ensure that everyone at least has a buddy to make sure they’ve gotten home safely at the end of the night.
6. The number one thing to remember is to be smart and safe! If a situation looks dangerous, avoid it. If a friend seems to intoxicated to drive, don’t hesitate to take away their keys. And always keep your safety as your number one priority for the night!

Worried that you don’t have the proper coverage for the night of festivities? Call Spivey Insurance Group today to talk to one of our agents and ensure that you have the North Carolina auto insurance you need to have a fun and relaxing night of celebration! 

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