What To Do When Your Auto Breaks Down

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One of the most frustrating experiences in life is a car break down on the road. Whether you are on a freeway or residential street, your main goal is to move the car safely to the side of the road. What do you do then? Keeping calm and notifying emergency personnel are critical in a breakdown situation.

I remember back a few years ago when my daughter first left home for college. The cars we provided her were used cars and we worked hard to maintain them but a few times she found herself either broke down on the side of the road or maybe her car wouldn’t start in the student campus parking.

We taught her some very important steps to take in the event that she find herself in this type of situation. I was very concerned because of the fact that she was my daughter and she was over 2 hours away from me. If a problem occurred she had to know what to do to keep herself safe and to try to get back on the road as soon as she could.

Keep Your Car Visible

You do not want your car to be struck from behind, especially at night. Keep your car visible to other drivers by raising your hood. This universal sign of distress tells other drivers to keep away. If you have road reflectors, place them behind the vehicle when it is safe to exit the car. Turn on your emergency lights as well. A clever nighttime safety suggestion is turning on the interior lights. This soft glow stands out on a dark road and keeps you safe from accidents.

Take A Look

If you know what the car’s issue is, such as a flat tire, you can fix the problem yourself if it is safe to do so. Flat tires on the traffic side of the car should not be attempted. You need a tow truck to pull you out of harm to fix the car.

Notify Emergency Personnel

Use your cell phone to call emergency personnel. Give them your exact location and car description. They often have patrols working busy roadways. If you do not have a phone, try a highway call box. These brightly-colored phones are meant for emergency use. Otherwise, remain in your car with the doors locked for safety until help arrives.

If You Are In Danger

A breakdown can bring out the worst in some people. If you feel threatened by another motorist stopping to help you, keep the doors locked, flash all of your car lights and honk the horn. The attention may deter the person from harming you or your passengers. Report the person when emergency personnel arrive to keep the roads safe for everyone.

Our Advice For Our Charlotte Auto Insurance Customers

All of our automobile insurance policies carry optional towing & labor Roadside Services. That can be a real piece of mind for you and your loved ones. If a breakdown occurs that can be a very expensive unexpected hassle.

Talk to us today about adding this coverage to your existing auto policy or a new automobile policy. Most of the time it will only take a few minutes and we can add these types of coverage while you are on the phone with us. We also love it when you stop by for a chat.

Check out our Spivey Insurance Home Page and fill out our short insurance quote form and we will show you what great customer service is all about.

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