North Carolina Flood Insurance Information

Spring brings on a lot of rain shower or thunderstorms, which can cause severe flooding in some areas of your home or neighborhood. Floods can inflict terrible and costly property damage. One of the most heartbreaking and preventable insurance scenarios that we encounter is how many people learn that they aren’t covered for flood damage until it’s too late.

So many people have the misconception that their homeowner’s insurance policy will cover flooding. Flood insurance is almost always a separate policy. Flood insurance is available for commercial, home, and property damage. Different flood zones have different flood insurance coverage’s. Another misconception is that flood insurance is just for costal areas, which is not true. Coastal areas may have a higher risk, but local suburban neighborhoods still may have the same amount of risk for floods.

Always remember that most flood damage is not covered by your standard homeowner’s insurance policy. If you would like for one of our agents to look into a flood insurance policy for your business or home, call Spivey Insurance Group at 704-821-4460. For an additional information on flood insurance visit our website. Our agents review policies every day to make sure clients are provided with the coverage they need to be protected. Connect with Spivey Insurance Group on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Plus.

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