North Carolina Watercraft Insurance

Owning a watercraft makes a good day, a great day! Fun on the water and the sun in your face is priceless. You want to make every minute count as you’re enjoying life on the water.

Quality insurance starts with fitting the right policies with your needs. Settling for a policy that does nothing for you and your family isn’t good business. Spivey Insurance Group customizes your wants, and of course needs for your watercraft. It’s important to enjoy your investment while you can without having to worry about North Carolina Watercraft Insurance.

Having fun on the water starts with being prepared for anything. Take a second of your valuable time to listen what we can offer you.

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The 101 basics to watercraft ownership include Liability coverage to protect your assets, and Physical Damage coverage. Its great to have the basics plus more coverage incase something unexpected does come up.

Custom coverage’s are policies that we create for you. Some can include…

Fuel Spill Liability. We’ll pay for damage if you’re responsible for an unintentional fuel spill.

Wreckage Removal. We’ll pay recovery costs if you’re responsible for the removal of a covered watercraft.

On-Water Towing and 24-hour Roadside Assistance. Help is just a call away if you have a breakdown, whether on the water or on land.

Fishing Equipment Replacement Cost. We’ll cover up to $10,000 for tackle, rods and reels damaged on or stolen from your boat.

Personal Effects Replacement Cost. We’ll cover the cost of personal items that are damaged, lost or stolen

We will listen to your wants and needs. Along the way we will educate you on what will make your boating insurance, or any other insurance needs that you need help with accommodating and reliable.

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