North Carolina Insurance: Health Plan Options

Do you lack a North Carolina insurance health plan? Are you currently unemployed or at work somewhere that doesn’t provide health insurance? While there are several concerns from anyone experiencing this, there are also several different options they can explore on the health insurance market. Many people are in search of the perfect affordable policy, and the following are some options they should consider.

1. Short-term Coverage – While this is a relatively low priced option, it does offer a very limited safety-net to the policyholder. These “market” policies do not cover low cost health necessities such as office visit co-payments or prescription drugs, but they offer a sort of security blanket in case a catastrophe was to occur. Typically a deductible is $2,500 and monthly premiums vary according to circumstances but can be anywhere from $40 to $130. The downfall of short-term coverage is that pre-existing conditions are not covered so this option is not available to everyone.
2. Individual Insurance – A rather pricey option, individual insurance is a familiarity to those that are self-employed or searching for the best option that fits their circumstances. As with short-term coverage, pre-existing conditions may not be covered or may need an additional fee to be covered.
3. COBRA Coverage – Both expensive and temporary, COBRA is available to those recently unemployed. The benefit of COBRA coverage is it may be the only coverage that is offered to those with pre-existing heath conditions. However, the problem lies in the fact that you will likely have to pay the full premium cost. But in the end, COBRA is a nice option to have in that it offers up to 18 months of coverage and provides a precaution to those suffering from recent job loss.
4. Go Without – If you’re willing to take a risk and rely on luck in order to save some money, this is the option for you. While you’ll only have to pay for the care if you need it, that could turn out to be a huge financial mistake if a disastrous health issue were to occur.

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