North Carolina Liability Insurance: A Business’ Comfort Blanket

Do you think the proper liability insurance is an unnecessary extra for your business insurance policy? Read the following stories from AboutLawsuits.com and you might rethink that.

-“On November 8, an engine room fire disabled the Carnival Splendor cruise ship hundreds of miles off-shore, cutting power and leaving thousands of passengers stranded at sea. Passengers who were trapped on the cruise may be entitled to compensation for damages associated with the incident. Carnival Splendor passengers may be entitled to compensation for damages associated with the incident. This could include physical injuries caused by the lack of amenities and other consequential damages.”
-“The inhalation of an additive once used in microwave popcorn has been linked to a debilitating and sometimes fatal lung disease known as bronchiolitis obliterans, or “popcorn lung.” This respiratory ailment has affected microwave popcorn workers across the U.S. as well as some heavy popcorn consumers. Millions of dollars in compensation has been recovered by popcorn workers and consumers through filing a lawsuit for popcorn lung. In addition, many other cases are still pending in courts throughout the United States”
-“A North Carolina class action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of hundreds of patrons at an Olive Gardens restaurant who have been urged to receive vaccinations for hepatitis A after a food server there was diagnosed with the infectious disease of the liver.”  

What if one of these situations was to occur at your business, would you be prepared? With North Carolina liability insurance you would be protected if someone were to try to sue your company. With the right amount of coverage, liability insurance is that safety net for a business that can help a small business owner sleep better at night.

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