November Is National Diabetes Month. Arrange A Health Insurance Review With Spivey Insurance

November is National Diabetes Month. 

It’s likely that each of us know someone who suffers from this disease or in fact may be pre-diabetic. 
In the USA there are nearly 26 million adults and children who have diabetes.
An even more frightening number is 79 million. That’s the number of American who are at risk of developing diabetes. 
The cost of this disease is estimated at nearly $175 billion per year. It is certainly worth all our efforts to halt this disease. 
Most Americans do their best to self manage their disease. The use supplies like insulin and blood meters. 
Having the proper health insurance is vitally important in the life of anyone who is diabetic. 
The most common way Americans receive health insurance is through their employer. 
If you are a small business owner, you are most likely paying your own insurance premiums and possibly the premiums for your employees. 

Spivey Insurance has been providing affordable health care policies for small businesses in the Charlotte area for years. We have years of experience and expertise. 

October is a great month to get a health check-up and also an insurance check-up. 

Make sure you are screened for this disease and take precautions that will possibly save your life and also protect you financially. 

Call us today and let us review your health insurance coverage and make recommendations that will protect your health and your finances.


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