How Do You Plan to Start off 2015?

Did you know that the first week of January is National Lose Weight/Feel Great Week? This fits perfect with those New Year resolutions that we have made for 2015. One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight and live a healthier life. This is a great resolution, but it takes hard work and dedication. Things are hectic after the holidays are over and sometimes it’s difficult to stay true to the goals we have set. After a long day at work the last thing we want to think about is working out. It is hard to be one hundred percent committed to working out and eating healthy, especially during the winter months. A new year means a new you and we all want to start out 2015 the right way.

Many gyms run specials at the beginning of the year where you can join for free or for a small fee. Joining a gym means you can work out inside, meet new people, and get involved in group exercise classes. Zumba, yoga, and tabata are all great ways to stay in shape. If you don’t want to join a gym then an easy thing to do is look up exercises to do at home. There are plenty of websites that give great work out routines perfect for home. Whenever the weather is warm enough it is always good to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. Many of us dread working out, but the key to success is to find a workout partner that makes things much easier. Set small weekly goals and gradually intensify your workout. Don’t set outrageous goals, but make goals that can be obtained without thinking of failure.

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