Have Points on your License? No Problem we have a North Carolina Auto Insurance Policy for You.

Traffic infractions are expensive, inconvenient and they happen everyday. A few infractions or violations can make a difference between you getting preferred insurance rates, or not.

Although preferred rates are great, having the best insurance for you is what you need.

To better understand how to get the Best Quality Insurance for today, but strive to get the preferred rates for the future, we’ve listed some things that can be helpful.

If your infractions are minor, such as multiple tickets or at fault accidents, typically after a few years you will be able to get preferred ratings again. This may depend on the time of the infractions and your renewal period on your auto policy.

If your infractions are major violations, such as a DUI, this could be carried on your record up to 5 years or more. After 3 years of the infraction, check on your rates to see if they can be decreased a bit.

A great thing to do no matter your infractions is to build reputation with one insurance provider. Switching providers could negatively affect you getting the rates you want later on.

We are your choice for Charlotte’s Auto Insurance provider. Infractions or clean record let us give you a quote today.

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