Are you Protected while Driving this Holiday Season?

Holiday season is officially here and that means there will be heavy traffic on the roads when traveling. Families and friends are getting together to spend time each other during the holidays. Some of the worst times of the year to drive is the day before Thanksgiving and anytime near Christmas which means accidents are more likely to happen. The best way to protect yourself is by having the correct auto insurance policy. Make sure your policy is up to date and can cover you in any type of automobile accident whether it is your fault or another driver. There can be serious penalties for driving without auto insurance. Once you are insured or renewed your policy, there are some things you can do to reduce the stress of driving during the holiday season.
1. Map your route in advance and give yourself plenty of time for a safe arrival.
2. Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained by checking the oil, tire pressure, battery, headlights, and other important things.
3. Store an emergency kit in your trunk for backup.
4. Whether you are traveling to a friend or family member’s house give them an expected arrival time and check in periodically.
5. If there is more than one driver make sure to take turns so each driver doesn’t become over exhausted, especially on long trips.

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