Protecting Your Boat and You

Boating season is here!

Long summer afternoons are enjoyed by fishermen and recreational thrill seekers having fun on water with their boats.

The purpose of your boat is left up to you, but your responsibility to insure your boat should be left up to us.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have watercraft insurance to make sure you and your family is safe this summer!

• Medical Coverage – Water activities can be very fun but dangerous and no one ever plans to get injured while having fun. Although if for some reason an unfortunate event occurs on the water and someone is hurt, we can help ensure that those costs are covered.

• Physical Damage Coverage – Your boat is an investment just as your car or any other possession is to you. Therefore, if your boat is damaged during hailing or out on the water while having fun its your responsibility to make sure that you have the means to repair those damages. With watercraft insurance, those damages can be covered with the help of your policy. We can customize your policy for you so if something does happen you are protected.

• Liability Coverage – While on the water it is possible that an accident can occur. If this happens and you are at fault, you will need liability coverage. We can sit down with you and go over the right amount to suit you and your family’s needs!

We can help you with your watercraft responsibilities. We specialize in Charlotte Insurance needs. We will give you a free quote and a peace of mind. It’s time to enjoy what you’ve worked hard for. Let us secure those accomplishments and your families well being!

Our family works for your family. Call us today! We are Spivey Insurance Group!

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